Microsoft Office Excel 2016 Intermediate

Course Description

This course focuses on the need to produce real time reports using Charts and Pivot Tables. It introduces new functions and data tools to help participants be more productive.
1 day
14 May
12 Mar, 15 May


Experienced MS Excel users who have completed a foundation course or have a similar level of knowledge.

Learning Outcomes

Having completed the training the attendees will be able to:

Use the new features in MS Excel 2016
Identify new charts to communicate the key message
Use a variety of functions to analyse business data
Sort and Filter Data in predefined Tables
Use data validation to control data entry
Use the key functions of Pivot tables
Use Get and Transform Data to clean and prepare data

New features in Excel 2016

Flash fill, Quick Analysis & Tell me About

Working With Charts

Creating charts
Selecting charts from the Add-ins Store
Identifying and using the correct chart for your data
Creating Sparklines
Insert 3D map

Working with Functions and Formulas

Using Functions in Excel: IF Statements, VLookup, CountIf, SumIf
Working with Names and Ranges
Using names to simplify formulas

New functions in Excel 2016

Ifs, Switch, TextJoin, ConCat

Advanced Formatting

AutoFormat (Table Format)
Visualising Data using Conditional Formatting
Data Validation
Using Multiple Worksheets & Workbooks

Pivot Tables

Introduction to Pivot Tables
Manipulating data in the Pivot Table
Creating Pivot Charts
Using Slicers

Get and Transform Data

Introduction to Power Query

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